Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to pursue my blog and for sharing an interest!

My name is Shannon Lee, and I’m also known online by my business – Chrysalis Creation. There, I make beaded jewelry, repaint fashion dolls, and all sorts of other creative pursuits that I think others would not only enjoy, but perhaps be interested in purchasing.

Visiting any of my sites for Chrysalis Creation, however, doesn’t mean you have to purchase anything! It’s appreciated if/when one does, but not a requirement.

Recently, primarly due to my career, I have been hyper focused on my appearance. This, coupled with my recent decision to reduce my weight back to pre-family levels, has caused me quite a bit of complexity because over all, I’m not the ‘professional’ sort and though I hold and conduct myself professionally, I dont always have the typically accepted professional look. Even more so, I happen to prefer a darker and more glamorous/classical aesthetic due to my being, at my heart and darkened soul, a recovering goth and metal head. Well, honestly, let’s face it – there is no recovering. I just am.

I’m one who believes that how someone acts, how someone treats people, and especially their work ethic and quality should speak to their level of professionalism. The industry I find myself working in, however, hasn’t caught up with the 21st century and there for means I find myself at an interesting crossroads. One I know many, many others face.

Do you conform or do you rebel? Do you compromise or play the rules to their absolute edge? Quitting and getting a new job is out of the question, but dressing how work wants you to can be, let’s admit it, uncomfortable. I’ve been there. I am there.

Which is why, outside of my blog for Chrysalis Creation – which focuses on the business as well as some of my personal life – I decided to start this blog right here. It’s to focus on how I’m trying to navigate that portion of my life – my appearance, my love of make up, fashion and all things with the darke aesthetic. Join me, will you, as I try to find my place in this foreign world?